“Virginia nurse travels 35 hours by sailboat to treat coronavirus patients in New York City”

Just a few months ago, ICU Nurse Rachel Hartley thought she would be a graduating nurse practitioner moving into a new home with her husband in their state of Virginia. Little did she know, she would actually be living on a boat in New York City while working on the frontlines with COVID-19 patients.
In early April, Hartley was working as an anesthesia pre-op nurse in a Virginia hospital, but with elective surgeries being canceled, she was working fewer and fewer shifts until there were none. Meanwhile, the news of the devastation in New York City was unavoidable, and with years of ICU nursing experience, Hartley couldn’t shake the feeling that she could help.

“The day that Governor Cuomo took away the need for a nurse to have a New York state license to practice here really hit me hard.” Hartley tells Yahoo Life, “I knew New York was in a dire crisis, and I thought, I need to go. I need to leave Virginia and come to New York City.”

Hartley and her husband Taylor landed on an unconventional plan – they would sail their 50-foot sailboat from Virginia to New York and live on board during their stay.

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Jacquie Cosgrove

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