“More than 600 nurses die from COVID-19 worldwide”

ICN implores governments to collect accurate data on nurse infections and deaths and act to protect their health and save lives

The International Council of Nurses (ICN) is again calling on governments to record the number of infections and deaths among healthcare staff, and take whatever measures are needed to protect nurses from COVID-19.

Worldwide, there is no systematic and standardised record of the number of nurses and healthcare workers (HCWs) who have contracted the disease or died from it.

But ICN’s analysis, based on data from our National Nursing Associations, official figures and media reports from a limited number of countries, indicates that more than 230,000 HCWs have contracted the disease, and more than 600 nurses have now died from the virus.

ICN’s analysis shows that on average 7% of all Covid-19 cases worldwide are among HCWs, which means that nurses and other staff are at great personal risk, and so are the patients they care for.

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Image credit: Gu Jinghan
June 03, 2020

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