“‘This job is breaking me,’ Virginia nurse says amid COVID-19 pandemic”

“For ICU nurses like Michelle Vaughan, treating COVID-19 patients has become the new normal.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — A nurse at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital said what she has witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic has left her broken and emotionally drained.

Lauren Ingle, a RN and BSN who will become a nurse practitioner when she earns her master’s degree in August, recently posted about her experiences in the hospital’s dedicated COVID-19 intensive care unit (ICU) on social media.

“This job is breaking me and my team down to the core”, Ingle wrote. “My job is to serve everyone, not to not care.”

Ingle said what she and her team are experiencing every day is heartbreaking.

“Being a nurse, we’re supposed to care for everybody,” she wrote. “And when what we do isn’t enough, that’s very toilsome.”

Unless someone is working on the front lines, there is no way to comprehend what medical staff are dealing with, according to Ingle and many others in the medical field.

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