5 Ways to Give

Help our heroic nurses through COVID-19. Front line nurses are heroically caring for critically ill patients, working long shifts and sacrificing health, home, family and personal obligations. Make a donation to the KudosForCare fund, which will directly support these healthcare heroes with much-needed supplies and financial contributions. Donate now at Kudos For Care GoFundMe.

Kudos For Care is supporting other campaigns for COVID-19 nurses and caregivers established by reputable healthcare support organizations. Choose one to make a contribution, and please suggest any others to add to this resource:

The American Nurses Foundation– To share your thanks and support for nurses on the frontlines you can make a donation to the American Nurses Foundation Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses.

DirectRelief.org COVID-19 Relief– Making sure the courage of health workers on the front lines is honored with meaningful support, and the people most at risk in this pandemic are cared for.

First Responders First Donations to #FirstRespondersFirst will provide essential supplies, equipment, accommodations, child care, food, mental health support and other resources for protecting frontline healthcare workers and their patients.

Doctors Without Borders is scaling up its response to the COVID-19 pandemic in more than 70 countries—but we need the right supplies to continue saving lives, and the prices for PPE and other medical materials are volatile. Please help us now to send medical aid where it’s needed most.

Nurses House has partnered with the American Nurses Foundation to help RNs, LPNs and LVNs who are unable to work due to COVID-19.

American Red Cross: Support all of the urgent humanitarian needs of the American Red Cross by donating to “Where It Is Needed Most” at redcross.org or calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767).

Choose from various options to provide comfort and support to our healthcare heroes:

  • Donate a meal to a deserving hospital unit:
    • Meals For Nurses is a GoFundME to deliver meals in the Washington D.C. region.
    • How To Donate A Meal In Your Area:
      • Click here to locate the phone number for your hospital. Contact info and the main number will be in the upper right corner of the hospital’s profile page.
      • Call the hospital administration department to schedule a meal delivery for a specific unit and date and time. (ex: COVID unit or IC unit for lunch on May 12.)
      • Be sure to inquire about the number of staff for the unit you have identified.
      • Call a local restaurant to make a delivery order to the hospital you identified, at the date and time scheduled, for the correct number of staff.
      • Consider making 40% of your order health-friendly (low fat/low carb) and 20% of your order vegetarian.
  • Pay a housing or utility bill for a nurse hero likely stretched thin by the economic downturn.
  • Provide a much-needed vacation to a nurse to enjoy therapeutic respite when her tremendous sacrifice is completed.
    • Healthcare Heroes Getaway has partnered with world-class travel providers to donate vacation packages to 100 deserving Heroes. Nominations will be open through June 30th and winners will be randomly drawn on July 1st. 

If you are a business owner or executive, please contact us if your organization is willing to provide services or supplies pro bono to frontline nurses and healthcare heroes who are risking their lives and sacrificing personal time to protect all of us.

KudosForCare.org is seeking donations of services or products for:

  • travel/vacation
  • temporary housing
  • mental health tele-therapy
  • PPE and medical supplies
  • meals and groceries
  • shoes and practical clothing
  • financial counseling and support
  • transportation
  • communications technology
  • medical training

If there is anything else your organization would like to offer, please let us know!

Choose a deserving recipient and write a heartfelt thank you. Add a drawing, photo or illustration. Kudos For Care will make sure they get your message!

Choose one:
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